International Day of the Girl

Oct 10, 2019News

As we prepare to celebrate International Day of the Girl this week we are stopping to reflect on all the girls we are privileged to be able to support through the work of 3 Angels Nepal.

While the work of 3 Angels Nepal is by no means limited to just girls, and change in society relies on families and communities raising boys and girls with integrity, the fact remains that girls face greater discrimination, fewer opportunities and are at a higher risk of abuse and human trafficking.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the issues when we look at the statistics of number of women trafficked from Nepal each year, the low literacy levels or the lack of opportunities for women. But when I hear the stories of the girls at the 3 Angels school, when I see their smiling faces and think about the opportunities they now have to achieve all they are destined to, I start to feel less overwhelmed and more excited about the future. Through the school in Pokhara, Nepal, girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and victims of human trafficking are provided a world-class education that is free from discrimination and tailored towards equipping them to go on to further study or find employment. These girls, who would have been part of the statistics, are given the opportunity to rise above the limitations and fulfil the potential within them.

For these girls poverty has ended. For these girls they are free from slavery. For these girls literacy and health are not limiting their potential. For these girls the opportunities are endless. They are safe, they are educated, they have the self confidence to believe they can make a difference in their families, communities and nation. And they are!

Join with me on 11 October as we celebrate the progress that has happened in so many lives all around the world.