Founded on a desire to help the dedicated team of 3 Angels Nepal fight human trafficking by empowering communities through education.

3 Angels Australia began partnering with 3 Angels Nepal in 2011 when we raised the funds for their safe haven home and later the land next to it. Over the next five years we fundraised and assisted with the purchase of a 4-wheel drive rescue vehicle, radio equipment upgrades, new computers and various IT needs and equipment for the school.

We have spent many thousands of dollars on trying to maintain the current school and realised the time was right to finally stop this cycle of funds and assist them with their dream to become self-sufficient. Not having to rent all the children’s homes, the office and the school and not constantly funding repairs and maintenance of the old school would be a game changer.

new school land

Through the generous support of donors over 9 acres of land has been purchased and plans are nearing completion for the building of the new school, homes, Safe Haven home and vocational training. It will be far more than a school from preschool to year 12 but also a place for the community. There will be a school medical centre assisting with childhood vaccinations, and hospitality and industrial arts vocational training.

Over the past 8 years the trafficking problem has continued but awareness has increased. The hard work of 3 Angels Nepal is making a difference. In 2011, 20,000 – 30,000 young women were trafficked across the border into India every year now that figure is 8,000-10,000. That’s still one classroom a day and way too many, but we are making a difference and so we continue the fight.

Young Women Trafficked

every year

new school design

Through the years it has become very clear that the most effective agent to long term change is education so 3 Angels Australia has focused in this area and are aiming big. We need millions of dollars to complete this project. The lease on the current rented school runs out in 3 years. We need to act now. We eagerly await more partners to commit “big time” to make a difference that will long out live us.  All donations from Australian are fully tax deductible.