about us

Fighting human trafficking by empowering communities through education.

Three Angels Australia is a network of donors, supporters and advocates passionate about seeing sustainable and long-lasting change in the world. We join together, combining our expertise, networks and resources, to provide profound opportunities for young people to change the course of their own future and enable them to be agents of change in their families, communities and nations.

Our goal is to come alongside existing, locally run programs and organisations, assisting them to fulfil their vision. The local leaders retain ownership and responsibility for running the organisation. Our model minimises the need for organisations to rely on external funding, reducing the risks associated with the potential loss of funding.

Three Angels Australia was founded on a desire to help the dedicated team of 3 Angels Nepal fight human trafficking by empowering communities through education. Their hard work, transparency and determination to become self-sufficient was inspirational.

100% of Donations go to our partner 3 Angels Nepal and are fully tax deductible.

A small group of dedicated donors have committed to covering all of Three Angels Australia’s operational and promotional costs, to allow 100% of public donations to go directly to projects in Nepal. CONTACT US for more information on how you can join this group to help us expand our network and help more children.

Project Selection

We select one large education focussed project, with significant potential to create lasting change in the community. We help equip the leaders to manage, maintain and grow beyond our involvement. All projects have the goal of becoming self-funding, with a structured withdrawal process implemented.

We are currently partnering with 3 Angels Nepal to fund and develop brand new school facilities and Safe Haven home and training facilities.

Funding Partners

We draw together a network of like-minded people, combining high level experience, expertise and resources to fund and support large projects.

Project Funding

Our donations go towards funding:

  • Infrastructure and program development
  • Running costs until the program or infrastructure is established and sufficiently self-funded


Supporting, training and equipping the local team in areas such as:

  • Building & architecture
  • Education
  • Business, finance & Leadership